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Today, think about how the relationships you have affect the way you think about and interact with God, as parents, children, siblings, friends, business partners, employees, & parishioners. All of these relationships can take a toll on how we interact with God; when our parents hurt us we see God differently; because our Bible says He is our Father, we act defensively as though we are certain He will hurt us too. When our siblings compete with us and outdo us constantly, jealousy is birth and we get into a relationship with Christ, where instead of letting Him shine through us so that others may be saved, we end up wanting them to look TO us as the source of their solutions (under the guise of humbly serving Christ). When church people hurt us, or our employers are cruel to us, we become guarded with God, not with them, and we demote God from Father to slave master. Our service to Him, which ought to be loving and done because He is WORTHY, is committed because we are afraid (not reverent fear). This fear makes us religious and strangles the hope of relationship.

Unfortunately, we take almost everything out on God when it becomes too much to bear and we think that He should intervene like Zeus did with Hercules. We forget that God is not a slave master and while His will SHALL be done in the earth without fail, He does not force Himself on us. Forced service is called religion, and God is not interested in you and I being religious, He is fully invested (Christ was His ultimate investment into us) in a relationship with us.

If you have a relationship today, that causes your relationship with God to be estranged or strained, I pray for your healing. Healing in your heart and mind, and a thorough renewal of your hope in Christ Jesus as your Savior and Elder Brother. I pray your hope in God as our Father is renewed. Don’t allow the faults of man to keep you from experiencing the freedom God desires for us to have. Where His Spirit is, there is liberty, aren’t we the very temple of the Holy Spirit? Freedom is designed to take residence INSIDE of us and it’s fruits are a lifestyle of loving and reverent worship with a loving and AWESOME God.

Who in your life, is changing the way you see God for the worse? The way you pray, or do your Bible study?

What steps are you going to take to uproot that weed of pain? An unhealed wound goes on to become an infection, it’s time to stop going to church weekend after weekend, with pus oozing from your wound(s) of an abusive or painful relationship, pretending like everything is alright. If church is for the sick, then when you go in, you should come out healed or healing.

Get into your prayer closet, examine your own heart, and be as honest as you know how, and confess to Jesus the pain the stands between you and Him. Write it on a paper, all the pain you feel, and let it be set ablaze with a Holy Fire from on high. GOD IS FOR YOU. JESUS UNDERSTANDS YOU, and right now, He is seated at the Right Hand of the Father PRAYING for us all. The Holy Spirit is advocating for us when the enemy says, “yeah, I’m going to get these church leaders to hurt her so she can stop going to church and ultimately sin against God.” What he forgets is that God IS our Father, and the Holy Spirit advocates for us. NOTHING we can ever do will make God stop loving us. Whatever sins we have committed, they are nailed to calvary’s cross, and we just have to confess them and believe to experience that He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleans us.

The only way that God can actively be everything we need in our personal lives, is for us to stop allowing everyone is our lives to dictate how active and personal we get with God. Think about it this way, when you get out of a bad relationship and enter a new one, you damage the health of the relationship by making this new partner pay for the trespasses of the old one. Stop expecting God to pay for your parents’, employer’s, coworkers, and church members’ shortcomings. You’ve been a slave, now be a free man, and although those are completely different, spheres, the Holy Spirit will show you how to be free.

Beloved, think about the ideal fathers you see on television: they tuck their children in at night, nurture them, teach them how to maneuver life, love their wives and they protect and secure the family. They are active, present and loving. When something is wrong they want you to come sit on their lap and be honest, and as a child you have a safe place to be vulnerable, and let love birth change in your heart. I encourage you today, to climb into your Papa God's lap, and rest in the safety of His love.

Let me pray for you:

Our God and Our Father, thank You for being as awesome and loving as You are. Thank You that nothing we can do will ever turn Your love away from us. LORD I pray for every reader, let the hurt be broken off of them, in the name of Jesus. The shrines they have set up in their hearts and minds to worship their pain, consume it with Holy fire today, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! May they eat the bread of healing, that they can be free to worship You in truth as Your Word declares. Let them experience the joys of salvation and full surrender as they make the daily choice to love You out loud as You and Jesus did for them on calvary.

More than ever before, we need more of You so that we can discern the difference between what You intended and what the enemy perverted. Forgive us all for charging You with the sins of those around us. Please forgive us. Help us to daily surrender every relationship to You, and give us direction on who and what needs to be swiftly cut off so that we may freely thrive in You. Thank You. Amen.


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