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Bible Study: Purposed for Kingship

September 28, 2016

Beloved, tonight I was studying Genesis 1 and 2 (NLT and AMP versions) and I just had to share with you all! I have read Genesis 1 and 2 several times, in fact I pretty much had Genesis 1 committed to memory, but tonight I saw with new eyes and gained new understanding. Let's get into it! 



Synopsis: God creates heaven and earth and all the details, then it is decided that the Trinity will make mankind (man and woman) in Their image and likeness and they.  The animals and fruit are given a natural drive and automated ability to be fruitful and multiply, but when God makes man He instructs them with His own mouth to do as the rest of creation AND to rule creation.  Chapter two serves as a flashback to the details of chapter 1 and we learn that God put Adam in Eden, had him name the animals and then decided to make Eve, not from the dust like He did Adam but directly from Adam.  He told them to be fruitful and multiply, and that they had everything at their disposal except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And we know in chapter 3 the serpent came along and well- life in Eden was over. 


Observations & Lessons:

1. We are the only offspring of God, we are the only creation made in His image and likeness.  This likeness is about spiritual character and we can confirm this because the Bible says when Christ returns we shall be LIKE Him (finally be flawless)!  God in Genesis 1 can be likened to a great king who has many provinces and gives his sons rule over different ones so that they can learn kingship.  No, we aren't learning to be God we just ought to learn to be godly!


2. Verse 28 "God blessed them and said to them, 'be fruitful and increase in number: fill the earth and subdue it."  God gave Adam and Eve purpose at the very beginning, their marriage had purpose and it was to increase in number, and by increasing as God commanded they would increase the amount of people in the likeness of God.  I believe God purposed Adam and Even to reproduce physical bodies as well as His likeness.  God gave them work! So we know laziness is not godly, He created a whole planet and told them to have dominion over it. Dominion wasn't to be a foreign concept to them, He placed authority in their DNA when He made them in His likeness; God was just requiring them to be who He created them to be. 


3. God cares about our planet! Why else would He have a garden keeper? He cares about the damage we are doing to His creation, the earth was made for us but it is still His. 


4. Rest is important to God (Gen 2:2), so important that He sanctified and consecrated a time for man to be refreshed.  God does not desire for us to be burned out in this great work, because He knows we need energy for the assignment and that burn out leads to abandonment, He gives us a command to rest so we can be replenished and not get too busy doing His work to enjoy all that He has given us, including family.  Family time is important to God beloved!


5. Genesis 2:15 Even though God gave Adam the assignment to subdue the earth, He gave Adam a position from which to fulfill his assignment, God placed Adam in Eden, and there Adam named all the animals.  God called Adam to work in Eden, not Cush or Havilah but Eden. Work where God plants you, if you know He has called you to the nations, you can reach the nations right from your house (blogs, youtube etc.).  NOTE: Adam was WORKING before he got Eve, He was busy about God's business before Eve came along as a helper.  You can't be so focused on a help mate when you don't have anything to be helped with, you hinder that person from doing their part in your purpose. 


6. Genesis 2:22-23 God forms Eve not from the dust of the ground like He did Adam, but from Adam's rib, and this remains the standard for gender and marriage politics in Christianity.  Are women equal to men? Are wives slaves to husbands? Yes we are equal to men because we too are made in God's likeness and we too were told to subdue the earth.  A man ought to treat a wife like she is his own body, just like we ought to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Because I am Jed's rib I am precious to him, I have purpose in his life: to protect his vital organs, to support good posture and to help him respire.  I mean this is a whole other post and book, but in being true to my nature as a rib, I help him become all God requires him to be and I fulfill my purpose as a wife. 


7. Last point that takes us into Genesis 3, the enemy is so cunning and continues to prove humans foolish.  So according chapter 2:9 there is a tree in the Garden of Eden called LIFE, but God forbids them eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Adam and Eve know that the fruit of this tree will result in their death, but the enemy gets them to eat it with the rouse that they will be just like God.  As we say at home "mind you nah" there is a tree called LIFE whose fruit they had permission to eat!  ON TOP OF THAT! (YES I AM SHOUTING), GENESIS 1:26-27 SAID GOD MADE MAN IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS-- YET ADAM AND EVE BELIEVED A FRUIT WOULD MAKE THEM LIKE GOD WHEN THEY WERE ALREADY LIKE GOD! I am going to write a post on this-- The Enemy's Plan for our rebellion (rejection of God's love and grace) is VERY REAL! 


Beloved, I hope I have helped bring some new perspective to Genesis 1 and 2 for you, because I got some new insights tonight. Let's pray:


Lord we thank You for Your word, we know that it is sharper than any two-edge sword and a discerner of the intents of the heart.  Let the truth we learned from Genesis 1 & 2 transform our thinking and make us more diligent to be on guard against the enemy.  You have placed authority in our DNA, keep us from forfeiting offspring privileges for a servant's lifestyle; You have given us purpose in position, keep us from forfeiting our positions making it harder to walk in purpose.  Lord God, You have made us in your likeness, please continue to develop that likeness in us, transform us so that when we reproduce (not just children, but ideas, words, actions) whatever we reproduce would increase the awareness and embodiment of Your likeness sin the earth.  We love You Lord, help us to live like those words are true! 




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