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For a long time in my own life, my prayer life was its own valley of dry bones, for the life of me I could not pray as passionately as I had witnessed others praying. I would go to prayer meeting and see people on their knees just weeping before God, just worshipping Him like He had taken them from the deepest pits bad choices and life in general had to offer. Jealousy began to sink in because I wanted to be able to pray like that, and I was putting in the effort but not getting the same results. I seriously just wanted to be able to genuinely weep in prayer like those prayer warriors I witnessed every Wednesday night.

So how did I actually get back to prayer? I stopped trying to be someone else and decided I was just going to be honest with God. I gave up trying to be elegant and eloquent and decided I was going to be the mess that I really was at the time, and I made the choice to be the mess I am with God daily. I realized that the more I actually vocalized my prayers the more they were a performance, so writing them because the best options. I am now on my 7th prayer journal and I love going back and reading the prayers I wrote and seeing how my testimony has grown. If you are like me, and your writing is more honest than your talking, and you love to reflect this is the perfect prayer challenge for you.


Simply, write a prayer a day. When negative thoughts come to your mind or your find yourself emotional, write a prayer of thanksgiving, confession, or cry out for help.

Example of a prayer I wrote for someone else:

I pray that you will always have the wisdom to tell God in reverent prayer that you are slipping. Psalm 94:18 “I cried out, I am slipping! But your unfailing love, O LORD, supported me.” I pray that you will seek God’s help and the help of those He blessed you with, when you are slipping so that love can uphold you, God’s unfailing love.

I pray that when doubt fills your mind God will comfort you and give you a renewed hope and cheer.


Beloved, I want you to have a thriving communication with God. We know one thing, communication is essential for any relationship to thrive, boss and employee, husband and wife, friends. It is no different with our walk with God, communication is a MUST, and honest communication transforms.

Grace & Peace

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