Book Review: Eve by W M Paul Young

My latest literary conquest was a novel by William Paul Young entitled Eve, this book sparked my interest because of the author; Young is also the author of The Shack. If you haven’t read The Shack, please go to and buy it right away! Seeing Young’s name atop this book cover brought back memories of how The Shack inspired worship and prayer with many tears as I flipped through its pages. Young is a crazy gifted author, and it is very clear that writing is not only a passion of his but a calling. So anyways, on to Eve...

Eve is set in a place between worlds and in the Garden of Eden, it tells the stories of creation and the fall of man as witnessed by one Lily Fields. Lily is a fifteen year old caught in between worlds, who doesn’t believe in God and thinks the Bible is a fairytale. Amazing enough, while she is in a coma, mother Eve ( Adam’s wife) comes and takes her to the birth of Adam. The way Young describes Adam being born is truly amazing. I mean, didn’t we all thing that God just made a man from the dust and commanded him to have dominion and avoid a tree? I sure did! Young challenges this thinking by purporting that Adam was fashioned in the womb of God (God created a womb in His lap where He formed Adam) and was “born” a baby, yes still made of dirt. Through the eyes of Lily we see that God announced Adam as His beloved son, and raised Him, in a relationship that knew nothing but love, trust and truth. Fast forwarding, as Lily is being healed physically, she is being healed spiritually by what she witnesses in God’s relationship with Adam. Young doesn’t leave out that God is triune and so “They,” “We” and “Their” are often used when the book talks about God. As God’s plan for mankind’s restoration after Adam turned from God’s face unfolds, Lily is healed.

In this book Lily represents us, broken, ashamed, and plagued by thoughts of unworthiness that push us to try and assert a power that will make us worthy. What I love most is that through it all, God is never shown as enraged, but as loving, redeeming and trustworthy. Young helps us imagine what continual fellowship with God was like, and he also shows us how Adam judged God for his error. JUST GO READ THE BOOK PLEASE!! I picked mine up at The Dollar Store for.... $1! This book WILL expand your concept of God without questioning what the scripture says.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the novel:

John to Lilly: “If a lie gets too much attention it can grow.” p.g 26

God explaining sin to Adam: “Adam, the life and freedom that is yours, and all who are within you, are bound inside your relationship to Us. As long as we are face-to-face, you will have life and freedom easily and always...

How could I ever not keep my face fully turned to Yours? My heart and soul and spirit have life only by dwelling in You. How could I ... ever... ?

God gently reached around His son, embracing him. You have the freedom to say no to Us, no to love, to turn your face away... In turning you would find within yourself a shadow. This darkening would become more real to you than I am. From then, until you re-turned your face to Mine, this empty nothingness would deceive you about everything, including who We are to you, and who you are to the world.” p.g 64-65

God to Adam: “Adam you are in the rest of Those Who Know you completely and love you fully. Simple trust is your participation. Hear My word each day and I will tell you the Good. This is neither command nor toil. It is easy and light.” p.g 66

Anita to John and Lily explaining the danger of isolation: “we learned long ago that shadow-sickness feeds on isolation. So we take our stand against it by protecting relationships of intentional love and kindness.” p.g. 96

Anita to Lily on what being in love is: “ Gerald’s good is more important to me than mine, and mine is more important to him than his. We each own this conviction individually, not expecting it to be reciprocated. Healthy love looks different from one second to the next because it is built on respect for self and for the other.” p.g. 146

Lily asking Eve: “What if I jump, will God catch me?”

Eve replies: “He will, but to you it will feel as though you hit the ground.” p.g. 151

John to Lily about patience: “Everything in its time, and timing is God’s playground.” p.g. 165

Anita explaining to Lily the effects of sin:

“Once Adam believed that is turning was the good, darkness became his reality. Control replaced trust, imagination took the place of the Word, and power the place of relationship and love. His own darkness, redefined his understanding of everything, including God. He is still the son of God, the epitome of creation with authority and dominion, but now asserts this as independent power. Sadly, all of us, as Adam’s children, continue to live in the shadow of death, each of us determining our own what is good and evil.”

Without trust in the Word and character of God, death is our contribution. That is the legacy we continue to perpetuate, unleashing principalities and powers to serve the beasts of politics and religion. We replace our desire for union, which originates in God, with self-satisfying lusts for conquests. We sancitfy money as if it were life’s blood.” p.g 195

Mary (the mother of Jesus) explaining to Lily what to do: “You wait. For the appointed time. And while you wait, your work each day is to trust Him in whatever lies before you. When time is full, my Son will come for you and take you to the grandest wedding celebration, the one creation is longing for.”p.g 288

Lilly to John: “Maybe safe is about the company you keep and not about the road you take?” p.g 212

John to Lilly: “If you participate in your own healing, you open possibilities for creation to be restored as well.” p.g 214

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