ABOUT Shonda Angelou


Grace & Peace, 


In 2004 I became a Christian at my mother’s funeral. I was thirteen years old, and I just knew there had to be more to life than how I was living, feeling and thinking. My uncle told me that when my mother and father forsake me God would raise me up, and these words proved true.  God had shown Himself faithful in my life, connecting, positioning, equipping and gifting me like I never dreamed could happen. I was good soil, prime for planting a crop with sure yield, the Word of God took root in my life and produced change within me and all around me. 


Around my sophomore year in college, the climate I was in changed so I changed, I was no longer good soil but the soil that received seed only to have thorns of life choke it out. My spiritual life became a cesspool of mistakes, efforts of self-preservation and shame. Neglect of church, Bible study and prayer put me in a spiritual vegetative state, until one day in 2013 on my grandmother's bathroom floor where God asked me "can these dry bones live." 

As an author, mentor and counselor, I have been educated, called and gifted to address healing and personal revival within the Christian context, including:

         Prayer with purpose and passion

         Living out what the Bible truly says 

         Moving from churched to changed

         Abuse (sexual and spiritual) 

         Winning the war against pride

Can Your Dry Bones Live is a space for confession, clarity and community. Now is the time to stop living on the outskirts of your faith, surrounded by the debris of life's lost battles and generational pathologies that seek to stifle your progress and derail your Godly destiny.


Shonda Angelou