Believer in a pandemic

At the onset of citywide shut downs social media was rampant with memes about ensuring one comes out of this with at minimum a business plan. However, the tone soon changed, even entrepreneurs began to call for deeper self-care and mental health care. We saw a wave of scams come to light, overwhelming unity toward racial injustices perpetrated this year against African Americans, and lost some cultural icons. One thing stands out to me more than ever before, and that is the need for God’s joy, a joy that strengthens, secures, and steadies. The one thing believers must come out of 2020 with is a deeper connection to God. We didn’t have church to force us into religious motion, there was no be

Don't Charge God: Navigating callousness toward God after hurt

After you’ve been burned so many times, you start to lose sensitivity because your skin becomes damaged in the process of protecting itself.  This happens in our spiritual lives as well, family, church, friends, disappoint and harm us. We even end up harming ourselves with poor choices.  We take the hurt and charge it to God. It’s not an unthinkable reaction, I myself have spoken the words, “God how could You do this to me,” and  “I don’t deserve this, how is any of this Your love for me?”  But was it really God doing anything to me? It’s hard not to judge an all-powerful God for what others do, especially when they use His name to exercise emotional and spiritual brutality.  And unfortunate

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