Can Your Dry Bones LIVE?

By Shonda Angelou


"Today I break away from the feeling of not belonging, and the self-depreciating behavior that steals the joy & peace of purpose. I recognize that if God called me to it, I belong. And recognizing that I belong, I will allow my actions to stand as “Amen” to God’s decree of my presence in every space. I will speak up, I will be excellent, I will accept the challenges, I will communicate and connect. I will value & be of value. "

-Shonda Angelou 


If you're tired of a fruitless relationship with Jesus Christ, and mundane living, this is the book for you! The worst thing you can do is nothing, get this resource today. 

Why are you here

For a safe place that is honest and refreshing. We live in a world that encourages compromise and forfeiture over the pursuit of God’s promise and living in God’s purpose, making dry bones of many Christians. This is a space where we charge and command each bone to come back to life. 


I declare that whatever is exposed will be debrided and healed. I declare that as I confess, I will be delivered from spiritual sepsis and 

shame that smothered  honest prayers and sincere fellowship.


I declare that I am able to reflect and understand my own reality. I declare that I will walk in a new awareness, and enthusiasm for truth. I declare that as God's revelations about my life, will bring elevation to the way I live daily. 


declare that no past hurt can keep me from the fellowship, grace, embrace and love of true believers. I declare that I have a purpose among believers, and I will pour out for God's glory, and be open to receiving.

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